Aspen Grove Church
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“By believing they may have LIFE in His name.” - John 20:31

Aspen Grove Church is a brand new church startup in Parker, Colorado. We exist to lead people to growth and transformation in Christ. Like a real grove of aspen trees that grows and thrives through a spreading root system, our goal is to create a church that is ROOTED in Bible study, prayer, worship, and biblical community…REACHING through local community service, generosity, evangelism, and global missions…and REPLICATING through individual discipleship, family discipleship, leadership training, and church planting. For more about our mission and vision, click HERE.


Let’s be honest…

If you are looking for a big worship service with lights, a big band, and motivational speaking to attend some Sunday mornings, then we may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a loving community that dives deep into the Word of God, leaves room for questions and discussion, loves our community, and gives you an opportunity to incorporate what you learn into your family and life, then you are in the right place! We don’t just gather to sit and listen. We gather to grow, be transformed by the truth of God’s Word, and lead others to the good news of Jesus.