Rooted | Reaching | Replicating

Our mission at Aspen Grove Church is to lead people to growth and transformation in Christ. We believe that the message of Jesus is fundamentally life-changing and that knowing and following Jesus leads us to live differently. That means we desire for everyone in the church to be growing.

A grove of Aspen trees is the perfect example and model for our church. Aspen groves are considered to be the largest singular organism on the planet. This is because the entire grove of trees is linked by a shared root system through which new trees are birthed and nourished. We believe the church can work in a similar way.

Each new believer springs up out of the knowledge and belief of those who have come before them. As they grow and become more ROOTED, they grow toward health with branches REACHING out into all areas of life. Over time, as the individual remains rooted and continues reaching, the end result should be REPLICATING, passing on the gospel and growth to someone else. Ultimately, the process is a picture of discipleship.

It is not meant to be a series of steps or boxes to check. Instead, it is a process of individual and church growth and transformation. The graphic below gives a picture of this process that we are all striving for. Feel free to contact us and hear more about our vision and mission!

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 10.17.10 AM.png
aspen roots.jpg