Rooted | Reaching | Replicating

A grove of Aspen trees is the perfect example and model for our church. Aspen groves are uniquely connected, reproducing through their root system, spreading out as the roots grow and sprouting new trees. Similarly, we believe that Christians, when they become more rooted in knowledge and belief, should also be more inclined to reach outward to their communities, eventually replicating their own faith by leading others to Jesus.

For that reason, the mission of Aspen Grove Church is to lead people toward growth and transformation in Christ through being ROOTED, REACHING, and REPLICATING.

Being ROOTED is all about growing in knowledge and belief. We believe this is accomplished through Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, and connecting in Biblical Community. That rootedness should lead to a life of REACHING, marked by Local Community Service, Missions, Generosity, and Evangelism. Finally, the result is a faith that is REPLICATING. That means that mature believers should be involved in Individual Discipleship, Family Discipleship, Leadership Training, and Church Planting.

We would love for you to join us as we grow as a community together! If you would like more information, or if you have questions about our mission and vision, please contact us!

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