Church Without a Building

“So, where is your church located?” It’s the most common question I get when I introduce myself and explain that I am the pastor of a new church here in Parker. I get it. When people think of a church, they think of a place…usually a building that, while the parking lot may fill up on Sundays, sits empty for the majority of the week. Not only that, but for many here in the Western U.S., “church” represents an antiquated or at least extremely optional and minor addition to everyday life. If you want to fit it in on Sundays, good for you. If you show up more than once or twice a month…well then you are probably a brainwashed fanatic or from the south or just bored and lonely (or maybe even all three).

Being a church plant usually means you don’t have a building, and, believe it or not, I think that is actually to our advantage! You see, our mission at Aspen Grove Church is to lead people to growth and transformation in Christ. Fortunately for us, the way God designed and established his church has a lot more to do with people than it has to do with facilities. From the very first moments of the church recorded in Acts, we see people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, boldly proclaiming the gospel, seeing their lives transformed, and simply overflowing the love that has been shown to them by Jesus into their communities. It’s messy and sometimes disorganized and even chaotic. But it’s also beautiful to see people, growing in Christ, being transformed by Him, and drawing the people around them into that story.

“Church” was a group of people loving and following Jesus long before it was ever a place, and that is who we are. 

So, where will you find Aspen Grove Church? Sure, we gather together every Sunday evening in our home to study the Bible together and pray for one another. But we want to be, and must be, more than just a weekly gathering. For that reason, you’ll also find us meeting together individually to grow together in God’s Word. You’ll find parents incorporating Bible Study and worship into their parenting and family life. You’ll find us serving in our community through supporting families in foster care, volunteering at our kids’ schools, or even providing food for our local first responders or teachers. You’ll find us loving and caring for our neighbors by shoveling snow for them, bringing them cookies, or inviting them over for a meal. Basically, if you want to find Aspen Grove Church, you’ll find it in the hearts and actions of our people who are growing and being transformed by Christ!

We would love you to join us on Sunday nights as we gather at 6pm, but understand up front that we aspire to more than that. Maybe there will be a building one day, but that’s a long way off, and it will never be our identity as a church. If you are looking for more than a building, we might just be the church for you!

—Matt Funk

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